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Featured products

4CYTE Canine 100g Sachet

A premium joint treatment for dogs to reduce and reverse cartilage degeneration.

4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel 1L

4CYTE Equine Epiitalis Forte Gel is a non-invasive feed additive that supports joint health in horses. Available in a 236 gram tube or 1 litre pouch.

Breeders Choice Cat Litter 10kg (30L)

A unique Australian cat litter made from recycled paper with no additives or chemicals.

Everlasting Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Large

Do away with the boring old dog bowl and make meal time fun for pets.

Everlasting Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Medium

Do away with the boring old dog bowl and make meal time fun for pets.

Hills Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic + Mobility 10.8kg

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic + Mobility provides weight management and joint care for your dog in one great tasting food.

Hills Prescription Diet Feline i/d 1.8kg

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline i/d is especially formulated to help manage cats with digestive health problems. May also be helpful for cat recovering from gastrointestinal upset and routine surgery. Dry and canned formulas.


The Indoor Hunting Feeder 3pk is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Hunt, catch and play with multiple small meals a day.

Oxbow Essentials - Adult Rabbit 2.25kg

Fortified high-fibre food for maximising your young or adult rabbit's health.