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4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Gel for Horses

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Product Information

4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte for Horses is the new generation gel formula for joint and cartilage matrix support in horses. It is a natural, premium daily feed-additive, backed by science and used to support normal joint health and function in horses. The revolutionary ingredient of 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® FORTE is Epiitalis®, our exclusive, patented plant seed oil extract.

4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte is safe to take long-term and is a feed additive used to:

  • Help maintain suppleness and a willingness to perform
  • Support for joint function and joint health
  • Support healthy joints in high performance animals
  • Provide nutritional support after joint injury or surgery
  • Promote production of health cartilage

Benefits of 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte for Horses

  • Simple “non-invasive” oral application or can be applied to food
  • Small cost effective once daily dosing
  • Safe to administer and take long-term with no known side effects
  • Has undergone in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical studies
  • Surgeon and veterinarian endorsed

4CYTE™ is a revolutionary range of feed supplements for joint health in cats, dogs and horses.

Exclusive to Interpath products, Epiitalis® is the new superpower in joint health. Patented for its unique cartilage repair and pain relief properties, Epiitalis® has been shown in research to:

Stimulate healthy cartilage production
Repair damaged joints
Suppress inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function and pain

The extraction method used changes the structure of the fatty acids so it is easily digestible and absorbed into the body for maximum joint care.

Dosage and Administration

Administration of 4CYTE™ Epiitalis® Forte can commence at any age and stage of a horse’s athletic career.

The following rates are recommended for a 1,323lbs horse:

Loading Amount: Start on 0.27 fl oz (8 ml) per day for 14 days

Maintenance Amount: After 14 days, reduce to 0.135 fl oz (4 ml) per day. Amount can be varied based on weight of animal and state of joint function.

A 33.81 fl oz pack will last approximately 250 days on maintenance feeding.


Epiitalis® - extract from Biota orientalis
Soyabean oil
Apple flavour
Rosemary extract
Binders including; Maltodextrin, Thaumatin, Benzyl Alcohol

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry location, in a sealed container below 25 deg celcius. Keep away from sources of heat and sunlight.

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47 reviews
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    Debbie W.
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    Love this product keeps my racehorses happy

  • TC
    Tracy c.
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    I recommend this product
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    4 cyte

    Excellent product easy to ordervand use to help my mare feel good

  • RC
    Rhonda C.
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    I recommend this product
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    I feel it is definitely advantageous for our horse.

  • PT
    Pam T.
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    I recommend this product
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    For my horses athirits

    My mare is 25 and I can still ride her along the beach she's happy and relaxed and lives a great life thx to 4ctye

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    Karen M.
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    Top product

    I think 4 cute is a very good product.

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Revolutionary Joint Health Supplements for Cats, Dogs, and Horses

4CYTE is a top-of-the-line range of feed supplements that has been meticulously crafted to promote joint health in animals. Its outstanding performance is driven by Interpath's active ingredient, Epiitalis, which has been scientifically proven to restore joints that have been damaged by arthritis, age, or injury. The product has garnered strong endorsements from the most distinguished veterinarians and surgeons and has been subjected to extensive research and development to ensure its exceptional quality. Ask your veterinarian about 4CYTE products today.

Unique Properties of Epiitalis for Joint Health

Epiitalis is a patented active ingredient that offers a range of benefits for joint health. This includes its unique properties for cartilage repair and pain relief. Research has shown that it can stimulate healthy cartilage production, repair damaged joints, and suppress inflammatory chemicals that are responsible for poor joint function and pain. Furthermore, the extraction method used ensures that the fatty acids are easily digestible and absorbed into the body for maximum joint care. Epiitalis is an exclusive feature of Interpath products, which makes it a new and powerful solution for joint health. With its proven benefits and customer satisfaction guarantee, 4CYTE is an ideal supplement for pet owners looking to promote joint health in their animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The revolutionary property of 4CYTE™ is our world-exclusive, patented ingredient – Epiitalis®. It is a naturally-derived, exclusive patented plant seed oil extract.

Epiitalis® is scientifically proven to aid and actively maintain joint health while preventing and treating osteoarthritis in horses, dogs and humans. It has been shown in research, and practice, to safely and effectively reduce joint pain and inflammation, improve mobility, enhance healing after surgery and improve quality of life.

4CYTE™ has undergone rigorous assessment in both laboratory and clinical settings to test its safety and efficacy including peer reviewed and published studies. To learn more about the science behind this exclusive ingredient, visit our Science page.

Visible results vary from animal to animal. Improvement may be seen in as little as a week, but it can take up to four weeks to see marked improvement. 4CYTE™ has been shown to provide continuous results, even after the initial 28 days of administration.