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Love Your Pet, Support Your Vet

Vets Love Pets (VLP) has partnered with independent veterinary practices all over Australia. 

Vets are the lifeblood of the industry and we want to do everything we can to support them. Many people perceive vets to be expensive when compared with human health but this is deceiving. Human health is subsidised whereas veterinary health is not, making it an unfair comparison.

The reality is that many independent vets make only a small profit. One major reason for this is that they are multi-specialists. They are far more than a 'pet GP,' they also act as a surgeon, psychiatrist, neurologist, oncologist, pharmacist and more. Buying and maintaining the equipment to perform these tasks is expensive and leaves very little left over. 

Money is not the primary objective for vets, in fact it's far from it. Many vets would do it for free for the love of animals. But we want to make this side of running the business a little easier for vets. So we've enabled an online channel for their customers to purchase the products they recommend. 

In partnership with leading manufacturers such as Royal Canin, VLP has established a veterinary referral program to enable vets to recommend the best possible products to pets, and have them delivered to pet parents. Veterinary clinics may receive a benefit from this program.


How does it work? 

The majority of independent vets can't afford to stock all the products needed for a happy and healthy pet. When your vet recommends specialised foods and treatments, pet parents will often be left to their own devices to find stockists of these products. 

But not anymore. Vets can now refer pet parents to this simple and easy to website that stocks the widest range of veterinary recommended foods, treatments, educational toys and services in Australia. 


What's in it for pet parents?

There are a number of benefits for pet parents in shopping with Vets Love Pets:

  1. Ease and convenience - have your vet recommended product shipped right to your door. Save yourself the trips to the store.
  2. Save up to 5% on every purchase
  3. Support your local vet to compete with retailers

So you can love your pet and support your vet all at the same time with Vets Love Pets.

Please contact us to learn more.

Thanks for your support.