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Vetopop Genia Wood Dog Bone Shape Puzzle Treat Dispenser

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Product Information

Wooden interactive puzzle. Act as a treat dispenser.

This wooden toy requires the animal to maneuver the levers to reveal the treats.

  • Great exercise in mental stimulation that keeps the animal curious and busy.
  • Made of water-resistant composite wood fibre.

Sold individually

Vétopop products will help to encourage movement, mental stimulation, and learning.

These products are ideal for pet owners looking for a way to optimise time with their animal using fun products. Dogs & cats need a combination of physical activity and mental stimulation.

They are designed to complement your veterinary services by helping in:

Weight management
Slow feeder bowls

Alleviating boredom
Bouncing balls and sea urchins

Encouraging dental health
Dental toy

Promoting mental stimulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All our enrichment toys have a hole to add a treat; we advise peanut better! But always check with your vet first. To open our dental toy, twist both sides and add the treat in the middle.