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Halti Optifit Dog Head Collar

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Product Information

The Halti Optifit Headcollar is a popular choice for dog breeds with varied nose shapes like Boxers and Greyhounds, due to its adjustable nose band and cheek straps. This ensures you can get the optimum fit, and is an ideal option for dogs that happen to fall between sizes of the Halti Headcollar. The Halti Optifit Headcollar prevents pulling on the lead so that you can walk happy with Halti!

Stops Pulling
The Halti Optifit Headcollar prevents pulling on the lead by gently steering and guiding your dog's direction. 

Customisable Fit
The Halti Optifit Headcollar has an adjustable nose band and cheek straps, secured with a camlock, to fit most dogs that do not fit standard sized headcollars.

Kind & Humane
Made from strong but lightweight webbing, the Halti Optifit Headcollar is designed for comfort with a padded nose band and won't interfere with panting, eating or drinking.

Reflective & Safe
Every Halti Optifit Headcollar has reflective cheek straps for improved visibility in low light and a safety link that attaches to your dog's collar, for complete peace of mind.

Better Together
To get the best no pull training experience, use the Halti Optifit Headcollar with our double clip Halti Training Lead.

Available Sizes:

Small, Medium and Large


Product Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine which size is best for your furry friend, please refer to the fitting guide on this product page.

It important with all training to be patient and consistent. As soon as your dog starts to pull, come to a halt. Only move forward again when the lead is slack. Reward success early on, by regularly treating your dog when they not pulling on the lead as this will encourage nice walking. For an extra helping hand we recommend using the Halti Training Lead with your Halti Headcollar or Harness so that you have more control when walking your dog.

We do not recommend leaving any type of body worn training aid on your dog for long periods of time and dogs should never be left unattended wearing products like headcollars, harnesses, and muzzles. This is from a safety and welfare perspective as well as there is a high possibility your dog may try to remove and chew the product.