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Farnam Worma® Paste

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Product Information

Farnam Worma® Paste is a broad spectrum oral paste for horses of all ages
  • Broad spectrum dual active wormer – actives work together ‘synergistic effect’
  • ‘BZ rotational’ wormer – ideal alternative to ‘mectins’
  • Controls large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), Large strongyles, Small strongyles, Pinworm, Adult stomach hairworm and adult stomach worm
  • Unique formulation – the only horse wormer on the market containing piperazine
  • A complete syringe treats a 600 kg body weight horse
  • Safe for use in horses of all ages


Active Constituents

Each g contains:

Oxfendazole 107.2 mg
Piperazine (as Dihydrochloride) 214.4 mg

Dosage and Administration

Dose according to bodyweight by setting the plunger ring to the required bodyweight setting. The syringe is calibrated in 50 kg divisions. A 56 g syringe contains sufficient Worma® Paste to treat a 600 kg horse. Ensure syringe is placed on the back of the horse's tongue, not between the teeth and cheeks. Depress the plunger and keep horse's head elevated and its mouth closed until the paste is swallowed. Internal parasites can develop resistance to anthelmintics. Pasture management, rotation between different types of wormer and other measures should be used to minimise the incidence of anthelmintic

Do not treat sick, debilitated or pregnant animals without seeking veterinary advice.


  • Treat all horses on the property every 6-8 weeks. Treat visiting and new horses before introduction to the pasture.
  • Foals may be treated every 4 weeks to control Large Roundworm.
  • When rotating to other wormers, we recommend using Mecworma® & Bot or Mecworma® & Tape.

Meat Withholding Period (Horses): Do not administer later than 28days before slaughter for human consumption.

Storage Instructions

  • Store in original containers.
  • Keep containers securely sealed. 

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