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Vetsense Electrolyte Paste PRO

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Product Information

Oral Electrolyte Supplement for Horses with added B Group Vitamins, Vitamin E & Folic Acid.

May assist in rapidly restoring electrolytes loss due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition and hot weather conditions and provides supplemental source of vitamins for hardworking horses.

Vetsense Electrolyte Paste Pro is suitable for gallopers, pacers, endurance horses, polo ponies, show horses etc. after work and before or after transportation. The paste has a distinctive aniseed flavor to assist with palatability and acceptance by the animal.

Electrolyte Paste Pro is a newly developed nutritional supplement specially formulated to support the well-being and peak performance of horses. Packed with a carefully balanced blend of essential B-group vitamins, antioxidants microminerals and vital electrolytes, this paste offers the perfect solution for maintaining optimal health and vitality along with improved recovery in our equine companion.

  • Replenishes Vital Nutrients
  • Powerful Antioxidant Support
  • Microminerals for Optimal Function
  • Essential Electrolyte Balance


Direction for Use

Recommended rate of use is for horses of 450-500kg bodyweight. Rate of use can be adjusted for lighter or heavier horses.

Light to moderate work: 30mL (1/2 tube)

Heavy Work: 60mL (½ tube before & ½ tube immediately after exercising)

To be administered in the feed or as recommended by a veterinary surgeon.

This product does not elevate plasma bicarbonate levels and therefore will not contravene the rules of racing.


Each 60ml Contains:

Ingredients per mL:

B-Group Vitamins


Antioxidants & Microminerals


Always ensure the availability of an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water.

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