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PAW Osteosupport Powder Dog

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Product Information

PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder capsules with Pern128® (fresh NZ Green-Lipped Mussel) may provide relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs by reducing pain and inflammation in the damaged joint and assisting in repairing damaged cartilage.

  • Dogs up to 25kg: 1 capsule daily
  • Dogs over 25kg: 2 capsules daily

Contains NZ Green-Lipped Mussel to help provide relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs.

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PAW by Blackmores

PAW by Blackmores is all about fostering the profound connection between humans and their beloved pets. Founded by veterinarian Dr. Alister Webster, this division of Blackmores focuses on crafting scientifically backed, natural healthcare products for pets. With a strong commitment to animal well-being, innovation, scientific rigour, and premium quality ingredients, PAW offers a range of solutions for various aspects of pet health, from skin and coat to joint and mental well-being. Their dedication extends to sustainability, ensuring responsible packaging and ingredient sourcing. PAW by Blackmores is your trusted partner in providing a happy, healthy life for your furry companions.