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Buster Navy Blue IncrediBowl Slow Feeder

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Product Information

Buster IncrediBowl is an ideal solution for the long-eared dog fed with tinned food, the shape of the bowl keeps a dog´s long ears outside the bowl during eating.

The Buster IncrediBowl is designed for long-eared dogs that are fed wet (canned/tinned) food. The conical design keeps your dog's ears outside the bowl while they are eating, avoiding staining and bad smells, and slows down greedy eaters by forcing them to pick food out of the inner corners. The soft material incorporates durable floor stabilisers that greatly reduce slippage while your dog eats. 

A unique non-slip food bowl designed for medium to large dogs with long ears.

Available in 1 litre and 2 litre capacity

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