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Genia Aleses Drysoft 60x90cm (25 packs)

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Product Information

Super absorbent draw sheet, silky and comfortable made of an absorbent polymer gel layer (SAP*) covered with a cellulose thin layer and resting on an impermeable and non skid non woven layer.
  • 5 layers to optimize the impregantion of the liquids.
  • Polymer gel (SAP*) to neutralize the odors.
  • Antimicrobian protection.
  • Fast soaking.
  • Do not leak after absorption of the mentioned quantities.
  • Moderately wet after soak of the required quantities.

SAP (Sodium polyacrylate): polymer capable of absorbing 200 to 300 times
its mass in water.

There are two size options for Absorption Capacity 1900mL/105g and 2500mL/140g.

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