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Felpreva Spot On for Small Cats (1-2.5kg)

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Product Information

Felpreva® is a new parasite treatment designed specifically for cats with convenience and ease of use in mind! It provides all-in-one parasite cover, with the longest-lasting* flea and paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus)** protection available in a single spot-on dose.

  • Specifically designed for cats
  • Controls the main feline parasites, including fleas, paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus)** and treats ear mites, roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms
  • Easy to administer with a single spot-on dose
  • 1 dose covers fleas and paralysis ticks for 13 weeks

What does Felpreva® treat?

Felpreva® provides all-in-one parasite control for your cat. It treats and prevents fleas and controls paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) for 13 weeks, and treats ear mites, roundworms, lungworm, hookworms and tapeworms – all in a single spot-on dose.


How does it work?

Felpreva ® contains a unique combination of three active ingredients – tigolaner, emodepside and praziquantel. 

  • Tigolaner is a brand-new active ingredient which provides long-lasting protection against fleas and paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus)** for 13 weeks and is effective against ear mites
  • Emodepside treats roundworms, lungworm and hookworms
  • Praziquantel treats tapeworms. 

How often do you need to use Felpreva®?

Felpreva® has long-lasting action against fleas and ticks, providing protection for three months. It is generally recommended that most adult cats are dewormed every three months. This means most adult cats will get comprehensive parasite cover with Felpreva® from just four doses per year!


  • Tigolaner (36.22 mg; 72.4 mg; 115.52 mg)
  • Praziquantel (30.12 mg; 60.24 mg; 96.05 mg)
  • Emodepside (7.53 mg; 15.06 mg; 24.01 mg)

Dosage Guide

Small Cats  (1.0 – 2.5kg): 1 x 0.37ml pipette
Medium Cats (2.5 – 5.0kg): 1 x 0.74ml pipettes
Large Cats (5.0 – 8.0kg)1 x 1.18ml pipettes

Advice and Care

Felpreva® comes as an easy-to-apply spot-on. Felpreva ® is for cats and kittens from 10 weeks of age and >1.0 kg. If you are pregnant, you should avoid direct contact with the product by wearing gloves during administration. Avoid direct contact with the site of application during the first 24 hours and until the treated area is dry and no longer noticeable. This is especially important for children.

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