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F919SC Biofilm Remover and Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

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Product Information

F919SC Biofilm Remover and Heavy Duty Degreaser is an alkaline heavy-duty cleanser with an emulsifying action for removing heavy soiling, protein, fat and natural oil deposits from hard surfaces safely. It also incorporates a wetting agent for effective coverage and a soil suspension agent to facilitate easy removal.- high alkaline degreaser with emulsifing and lifting agents. Removal of biofilm is important to ensure no pathogen build up occurs where disinfectants cannot penetrate

F919SC Biofilm Remover and Heavy Duty Degreaser
is effective in removing biofilms from hard surfaces and the insides of pipelines and tubing because the mechanisms of action is not reliant upon a mechanical brushing/scrubbing action, but interacts chemically with the organic film to release it from the surface and take it up into suspension where it can be washed away. The clean surface can then be effectively disinfected.



An alkaline blend of surfactants plus sequesterants and detergents buffered for optimal activity


  • All surface in medical and veterinary facilities, pack houses and production facilities 
  • Animal Housing
  • CIP lines and tubings eg. ET tubes, anaesthetic tubes
  • Drains and pipelines
  • Equipment eg. buckets, troughs
  • Track eg. bridles and halters

Dosage and Direction for Use

Clear away debris and wash surface down with preferably with hot water 

Immediately apply F919SC at a concentration of:

  • 40 ml in 10 L clean water for lightly soiled surfaces
  • 100 ml in 10 L clean water for biofilms, oils and light fat deposits
  • 200 ml in 10 L clean water for resistant biofilms and heavy fat deposits

After a contact time of 5 —10 minutes, but before the surface dries, vigorously brush off or use a HP Washer to clear the surface.

On vertical surfaces and those with heavy grease deposits it may be necessary to repeat the process to remove all deposits.

Replace cap after use.


As the product is a degreaser it is recommended that the user wears rubber gloves or where the skin comes into contact with the solution to wash off with soap and water and apply a moisturising hand cream after use.


  • Handle concentrate with care
  • Wash splashes from eyes immediately, seek medical advice if necessary
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give milk or water to drink, seek medical advice if necessary
  • Wash off skin with soap and water
  • For external use only
  • Do not mix with other chemicals
  • Store container closed and out of reach of children and animals
  • Non-irritating and non-corrosive at recommended dilutions Free Rinsing

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. Store in suitable, labelled containers.
Keep containers tightly closed. Store away from incompatible materials. Ensure that storage conditions comply with applicable local and national regulation.

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