F10 Hand Gel

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Product Information

F10 Hand Gel is a hand sanitizer for high level hand decontamination and alcohol for quick-drying.

This product combines the best of both worlds – F10 kill and contact time, and the usefulness of quick drying from the alcohol component. No water is required to use F10 Hand Gel, it just disinfects your hands and then dries on them within 60 seconds. Used where sanitized hands are required but access to water and proper antimicrobial hand soap is not always available.

  • Waterless antiseptic agent ideal for swift hand disinfection.
  • F10 core actives with 35% alcohol for quick drying with a kill rate >log6 (exceeding 1,000,000 times reduction in cell counts).
  • Broad-spectrum and fast-acting.
  • Forms an invincible glove to provide long-lasting residual protection.
  • Higher emollient levels and lower alcohol content than most hand gels, thus kinder to the skin with less drying even after frequent use.
  • Pathogen kill comes from the F10 actives components, not from the 35% alcohol, which is purely for drying purposes.
  • Available as Ready To Use 100ml spray, 500ml pump, and in 5 litre drums.

Antimicrobial Action

The antimicrobial action of the F10 Hand decontaminating products is based upon the proprietary branded F10 compound. The mechanism of action of F10 is derived from those of each component separately but, in addition, is due to the additive synergistic action of all components combined.

Residual Effect

The residual effect of hand hygiene preparations should not be relied upon when dealing with high risk patients because of the variability of the potential challenge, 100 – log6 organisms/cm2, and the variability of the residual effect which is directly affected by transient surface contacts. The use of quick acting waterless gels, rubs and foams can overcome the practical difficulties of hand washing and result in better hand hygiene compliance.

Dosage and Direction for Use

Refer to each specific product label.


Do not mix with other soaps or chemicals

Storage Instructions

Store below 30C in dry conditions

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