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Bravecto Spot On For Very Large Dogs (40-56kg)

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Product Information

Bravecto Spot-On is an advanced flea and tick treatment for dogs. It treats flea and tick infestations effectively in dogs and controls future infestations. The topical solution starts killing fleas within 8 hours and provides the continuous protection against fleas and flea infestations for 6 months.

Our long-lasting protection is now even longer. Just two doses provide full year protection against fleas and paralysis ticks.

  • Rest easier with 6 months protection from fleas and paralysis ticks in one Spot-on
  • Treatment and control of ear mites
  • Also treats and control sarcoptic mange
  • Prevents flea tapeworm infections
  • Our TWIST´N´USE tube makes it quick and easy to apply


Bravecto Spot On provides

Treatment and prevention of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestations for 6 months.
Treatment and control of paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) for 6 months.
Treatment and control of brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) for 12 weeks.
Rapid onset of action kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs.
Control of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)


Bravecto kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) and the treatment and control of tick infestations [Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick), Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick), and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (brown dog tick)] for 12 weeks in dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older, and weighing 4.4 pounds or greater.

Bravecto is also indicated for the treatment and control of Amblyomma americanum (lone star tick) infestations for 8 weeks in dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older, and weighing 4.4 pounds or greater.

Dosage and Administration

Bravecto Spot-on for dogs is available in five sizes. The following table indicates the size of pipette to be used according to the body weight of the dog (equivalent to 25 - 56 mg fluralaner/kg body weight). 

For dogs above 56 kg body weight, use a combination of two pipettes that most closely matches the body weight.

Puppies should be weighed regularly. Fast growing puppies may outgrow the initial weight band during the interdosing interval. Treatment may be appropriately adapted by the veterinarian to suit the individual weight changes. 

Method of Administration

Step 1: Immediately before use, open the pouch and remove the tube. Hold the tube at the crimped end with the cap in an upright position (tip up). The cap should be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise one full turn. The cap is designed to stay on the tube for dosing and should not be removed. The tube is open and ready for application when a breaking of the seal is felt.

Step 2: The dog should be standing or lying with its back horizontal during application. Part the fur at the administration site. Place the tube tip vertically against the skin between the shoulder blades of the dog.

Step 3: Squeeze the tube and gently apply Bravecto in one or more spots starting between the shoulder blades and continuing along the dog’s back. Avoid applying an excessive amount of solution in any one spot which may cause some solution to run or drip off of the dog.

Bathing or water immersion 3 days after administration will not reduce the effectiveness of Bravecto against fleas and Ixodes ricinus ticks (see Effectiveness).

Treatment with Bravecto may begin at any time of the year and can continue year round without interruption.

Treatment Schedule

For optimal control of paralysis tick and flea infestation, the product should be administered at intervals of 6 months. For optimal control of brown dog tick, the product should be administered at intervals of 12 weeks. Bravecto Spot-on can be used year round. The dog’s coat at the treatment application site may appear damp, greasy and mildly clumped.

Storage and Disposal Instructions

Store below 30°C (room temperature). The pipettes should be kept in the sachets to prevent solvent loss or moisture uptake. The sachets should only be opened immediately prior to use.

Dispose immediately of empty pipette, sachet and carton by wrapping in paper and putting in garbage.

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​​Why Choose Bravecto for Your Dog?

Bravecto offers a range of easy-to-use, tasty chews and simple spot-ons to protect your dog against the risk of fleas and paralysis ticks. Its fast-acting formula provides long-lasting protection, giving you peace of mind with fewer chances to forget a treatment. Bravecto is safe for use in puppies as young as 8 weeks, and can be used in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs. With over 100 million doses dispensed worldwide and vet-recommended, you can trust Bravecto to keep your furry friend protected.

Benefits of Bravecto for Your Dog

Bravecto's fast-acting and long-lasting formula provides effective protection against fleas and paralysis ticks, ensuring your dog can continue exploring and enjoying life without interruption. A single dose of Bravecto provides longer protection than standard monthly doses, making it a convenient and easy option for dog owners everywhere. With a range of chew and spot-on applications available, you can treat your dog in the way that suits them best. Bravecto is also safe for use with puppies, giving owners peace of mind when protecting their young dogs against parasites. Trust in Bravecto to keep your pet safe and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bravecto Spot-on comes in a clever TWIST´N´USE tube with a non-removable cap, it is simple and convenient to apply:

Apply contents of the appropriate tube for your dog’s body weight to the application sites:

The reason Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs lasts longer is not due to the dose, since the dose in Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs and Bravecto Chew are identical. Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs has a unique formulation which leads to differences in absorption when Bravecto is applied onto the skin compared to when it is administered by mouth. It is this difference that accounts for the extended duration.

After you treat your pet with Bravecto Spot-on, the active ingredient fluralaner is absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly reaches tissue fluids just under your pet’s skin. When fleas and ticks feed, they take in fluralaner and die. Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs kills pre-existing and new infestations of paralysis ticks for 6 months and treats and controls brown dog ticks for 12 weeks. It also controls fleas on dogs within 8 hours of administration, and subsequently controls flea re-infestations for 6 months. The flea life cycle can be broken by this rapid onset of action and long-lasting efficacy.