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Black Dog Wear Connector Strap

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Product Information

Connector Strap - Mini or Regular

Backup Security.

Connector Strap - Regular - 15mm wide - 20cm long
Connector Strap - Mini - 10mm wide - 15cm long

Connector Straps provide a great backup security for Training Halters, Haltermates, Balance Harnesses and Dog Harnesses.

Simply connect from your dogs Harness or Halter back to the dog's collar, it helps prevent those houdini dogs from effecting their escape.

Extreamly effective for wriggly little puppies still growing. Mini size would be best to use here!

Connector Straps offer Security for working with...

  • Very strong dogs,
  • Difficult temperament dogs,
  • Dogs with Aggression Issues,
  • Dogs with a history of chewing or backing out of Halters and Harnesses.
  • Dogs with very fine coat, where the hair offers no grip to the straps on a Harness or Halter.


Mini Size - for use with Mini & Small Training Halter, Size 1 & 2 Haltermate, or with Extra Small & Small size Harnesses.

Regular Size - for use with Medium & Large Training Halter, Size 3 & 4 Haltermates, or with Medium & Large size Harnesses.

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