The Indoor Hunting Feeder 3pk is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Hunt, catch and play with multiple small meals a day.
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The Indoor Hunting Feeder is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Hunt, catch and play with multiple small meals a day. Decrease anxiety, end early wake up calls from a hungry cat and correct your litterbox woes with three easy and fun feeders a day.  Give your cat the best science has to offer with a feeder designed for their natural instincts.

Each Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder includes:

  • 1 Trainer complete with multiple dispensing holes 
  • 3 Feeders each with two dispensing holes - designed for any size kibble
  • 3 Feeder Skins designed to simulate the tactile feel of prey allowing your cat to grab, claw and use its teeth as it would in the hunt
  • 1 scoop to portion kibble into the feeders

At Doc & Phoebe's, we listen to science, nature and especially our cats. The Indoor Hunting Feeder was developed by Dr Liz Bales and is the fun and easy way to keep your cat happy. 100% Veterinarian researched and recommended to help alleviate anxiety and destructive behaviour and prevent litter box issues.

This is a fantastic way to entertain your cat and satisfy their hunting instincts. 

The academic veterinary community and feline behavioural community have been studying and writing about Feline Environmental Enrichment and the importance of hunting for cat’s physical and mental health for decades. Visit to learn more about cat behaviour problems and how the Indoor Hunting Feeder can help! 

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