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Dr Jane Miller

Dr Jane Miller

Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Dr. Jane is an accomplished veterinarian with over 15 years of experience providing high-quality care to pets in Geelong, Australia. She obtained her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Queensland and is renowned for her compassionate approach to animal healthcare.

About Dr Jane Miller

Dr Jane is a dedicated small animal veterinarian. She has a genuine love for her patients and their owners. Jane is the proud mum to Harriet and Will (human) as well as Ernie the Jack Russell and two much loved guinea pigs, Dashy and Robbie (see below). Jane has a passion for general consulting and soft tissue surgery including airway surgery in Brachy breeds. 

Dr Jane was involved in the early pre clinical trials for a new anti cancer drug called Stelfonta. This drug should be available to all dogs in 2021 having recevied registration in both the USA and Europe.

As a committed advocate for animal welfare, Dr. Jane volunteers her time and expertise to various animal rescue organisations. She is also an active member of the Australian Veterinary Association and keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in veterinary medicine through regular continuing education and training. 

Dr. Jane is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and enjoys building long-lasting relationships with her clients and their beloved pets. Her gentle and clear communication style helps pet owners feel at ease, while her advanced clinical skills ensure that pets receive the best possible care. 

Whether you have a new puppy or an older cat, you can trust Dr. Jane Miller to provide exceptional veterinary care and personalised attention to your furry companion.

Dr Jane Miller's Pets


Ernie is a feisty black and white 4 year old Jack Russel that has brought adventure, love and fun to our family. He is very much a part of everything we do as a family and is usually front and centre!

Dashy & Robbie

Dashy and Robbie are our two guinea pigs. They love their home grown parsley and grass and spend most of their time eating and pooping. The kids love to sit with them and hand feed the piglets snacks.