Enjoying holiday treats? Keep your pets safe!

Enjoying holiday treats?


We all love food and at holiday times like these we enjoy sharing delcious meals with our friends and families. Sometimes this means we may have a few extra inches appear on our waistlines and our pets are even more prone to putting on weight. 


Whilst the occasional treat is ok, your pet's diet needs to provide the best nutrition - without extra calories or rich fatty food. We recommend speaking with your vet for advice on the best food for your individual pet's needs. Veterinary practices stock the best premium pet foods that are designed to keep your pet as healthy as possible. 


Remember that young pets have different nutritional needs because they are growing. Senior pets (pets over the age of seven) also require a special balance of nutrients to support them as they age. Did you know that certain medical conditions such as obesity, urinary tract issues, kidney problems, food allergies and osteoarthritis can be managed by feeding specific veterinary prescription diets. Ask your vet to help design the best diet to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. 

Vets Love Pets has a wide range of pet foods including prescription diets. If you have any questions about our food ranges, please contact our friendly customer service team at [email protected]

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