New products

Royal Canin Vet Dog Mobility C2P+ 12kg

A complete feed that helps support mobility and joint function in dogs with osteoarthritis. Available in dry formula.

Adaptil Calm Collar Junior

ADAPTIL Junior is an effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitate their education. Comforts puppies through the challenges of adoption and beyond. E.g. helps prevent crying all night, support for staying home alone, loud noises or car travel. 1. Promotes better socialisation and improves learning (at puppy training classes) 2. Clinically proven. 3. Recommended and used by veterinarians.

Hills Science Diet Small Paws Puppy Dry Dog Food 1.5kg

Hill's Science Diet Small Paws Adult dry dog food is tailored nutrition for the unique needs of Small & Mini dogs during the prime of their life. Specially made with nibble size kibble.

Wombaroo Feeding Bottle 120mL

This bottle is designed to be used with Wombaroo natural latex teats to suit all types of young mammals and marsupials.


The Indoor Hunting Feeder 3pk is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Hunt, catch and play with multiple small meals a day.

Kong Xmas Holiday SqueakAir Balls - Medium 3 Pack

Fun, festive and durable toys to keep your dog entertained this Christmas.