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✹ Stay Cool in the Summer Heat ✹

stay cool in the summer heat VLP


Summer heat can be deadly to our pets and it’s important to keep your pets safe. Imagine how you would feel if you went for a walk outside in summer wearing a shirt, jacket, long pants, enclosed shoes, topped with a thick beanie and gloves? Pets can’t sweat to cool down and they can overheat easily. Keep your pet indoors on hot days and provide plenty of fresh water. You can add ice blocks to their water bowl, mist them with cool water and provide a fan or air-con. Avoid walking during the heat of the day and remember the pavement can get really hot on their paws! Please never ever leave your pet in a car unattended.

Signs of heat stress include: excessive panting, brick red coloured gums, disorientation, distress or collapse. Call your local vet clinic immediately for advice, pets can deteriorate rapidly and it is a life-threatening emergency. If in doubt, cool them down by placing them in a cool shower or hose them down with cool running water and contact your local vet clinic urgently for advice.


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