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Why do Puppies Chew?

Why do dogs chew?


Being a Jack Russel, Barney loves to chase toys and play fetch. He also loves to chew on everything he can get his little paws on (including Steve’s favourite shoes!). Dogs and puppies like Barney love to chew because it is relaxing, fun and it helps keep their teeth clean and healthy. Dogs don’t have hands so they explore the world with their mouths and chewing is a natural behaviour. Just like human babies, puppies have baby teeth which are replaced by new teeth as they grow. Puppies can go through stages of intense chewing as they lose their baby teeth. We recommend providing puppy safe chew toys (especially designed for puppies) during this time. We have some great puppy chew toys on Vets Love Pets, Barney’s favourite is the Puppy Kong because you can also put yummy treats inside or freeze it with tasty treat flavoured water to make a puppy Kong icy pole! During this time of intensive chewing it’s a good idea to keep any precious items out of reach so they don’t become victim to your pup’s teeth!

Most dogs grow out of the destructive chewing behaviour once they have their full set of teeth. They tend to then chew for fun and if you give them toys this should keep them occupied. However, if dogs are bored, frustrated or anxious they can begin to chew excessively or their chewing can become destructive. We recommend giving your dog lots of exercise and a fun chew toy alternative to keep them busy. Remember, if you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour at any time, please don’t hesitate to give your vet team a call so they can give you personalised advice.

There are lots of interesting, durable and safe chew toys to choose from. Many toys are especially designed to keep dogs entertained for hours, these are called enrichment toys. If your dog is nuisance barking, an enrichment chew toy may help with this too! If they are enjoying chewing on a toy, they are less likely to bark or destroy your home! You can get toys that fit treats inside or you can even feed your dog their portion of kibble using the toy, your dog will need to play with the toy or complete a puzzle to get their reward.

Not all toys are created equal. Remember that investing in one good toy can be better than buying five cheap toys. If you’re not sure which toy is right for your dog chat to your vet or call our friendly Vets Love Pets customer service team on 02 8320 3086 and we’ll be happy to help.

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